Rider Spotlight: Codie O'Connor

Photos by Codie O'Connor

The Austin-based abstract artist’s work is equal parts day dream and a response to inspiration found in everyday life, channeled through the meditation of colors, blended with organic shapes and lines. Her work is intended to be playful, warm & natural.



Codie rides a Roadster Sport and finds inspiration on her two to three mile ride to the studio every day. “I usually ride my bike with little detours around parks and through my favorite streets in the neighborhood that don't necessarily make for the most direct route simply because it's more enjoyable to me”.


“Riding my bike to my studio puts me in the right headspace to get ready to paint or create. I like to wave to my neighbors and make up new routes along the way- whereas driving to my studio feels a bit like turning my brain on autopilot!”


How long does it take Codie to get to the studio? The artist times her trip by the length of songs she listens to along the journey, which depending on the day and playlist, is about three or four songs.

Looking for a new soundtrack for your commute? Here are the albums Codie is listening to right now:



“I am by no means a serious cyclist, so my previous bikes were definitely more about form than function. The bike I had before my Linus, was a yellow, rusty clunker of a bike from the 70’s that was incredibly cute, but it was more of a workout than it was worth to go any distance.

My Linus checks the box of being both incredibly cute and highly functional which makes me feel more inclined to get outside and use my body to get from point A to point B- which is a game changer for my mental health!”